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The discussions of women are still very sexy; we often
hear and sometimes we read both printed media and electronic
media, especially about gender issues which have not finished yet to
be discussed and still become controversy in current Muslim society.
This article discusses how Islamic views in context of woman right
sand do the woman rights in Islam exist or only for men?. From this
article, it can be concluded that basically Islam is very universal and
applies to all ages. Islam has never looked at the differences between
men and women, but because the understanding of individuals
and groups make Islam becomes exclusive and limited religion, so
in the interpretation of human rights, it is still underestimated in
the Islamic World and sometimes Muslims always have negative
opinion that Human Rights (HAM) come from western Countries.
Basically HAM concept has already existed in Islam where that
concept exists in life story of Prophet Muhammad PBUH (SAW).
He teaches us that there is no difference between men and women
and also there is no discrimination to each other. Moreover, in
current context, since HAM concept emerged in 1947-1946 which
brought equality between men and women in law and there is no
discrimination among one another.


Human Rights; Islam; Women

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