Rendra Khaldun


A variety of Muslim society cannot be separated from
local tradition which lives and grows according to the condition of
society in that place, where they live, communicate, and adapt based
on existing environment. The process of Islamic spread in Indonesia
is never separated from the process of cultural acculturation, so
Islamic precept brought by Arab traders and trustees are easily
accepted by Indonesian people. In Islamic precept, Muslim
missionaries have never broadcasted religion through violence
and hostility, but through peace, acculturation with local culture,
so gradually new culture is formed without eliminating original
form of the culture. In the reality, the religion (in other words)
becomes identical thing with tradition or a cultural expression to
someone’s belief to the holy thing, about the belief expression to
the God. If the relationship of religion and tradition placed as a
form of interpretation of history and culture, all religious domains
are human creativity which is very relative. It means that religious
truth believed in by everyone as something “correct”, basically it
can only be interpreted and expressed by human being who has
relative thing for “the truth”, The God is absolute. Thus, any form
is done by human attitude to maintain, renew or purify the religious
tradition; it must be seen as human phenomenon for their history
without having seen that one is proper to say “the truth” which is
claimed by other people, while they say that “the truth” owned as
“the most correct truth”. When Islam grows in an area, it will never
be same as Islam in other areas. For example: Islam in Arab with
Islam in Java, nevertheless it does not mean that there is distortion
from Islam but it is a variant of Islam.


Acculturation; Islam; Local Culture

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