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Information technology is current technology which can
unite and combine the various information, data and resources to be
utilized as science for all humans through the use of various media
and modern telecommunication equipment. By using various media,
advanced telecommunication equipment and computer, information
technology will continue to grow and has very important role in
life and civilization of human in the world. The progress of human
civilization in the field of science and technology in this information
era has made human easy to communicate to each other. The
positive impact from the advance of information technology is very
beneficial, but it also has negative impact. While the impacts of
internet in village can be seen into two sides, positive and negative
impacts. From the positive impact, we can communicate fast, save
time, save cost and save energy while negative impact is that all
people can access anything including children can also access adult
website. In addition, the progress of the internet is also followed
by many crimes and also makes us lazy, especially when we enjoy
chatting with other people.


Internet Impact; Village; Information


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