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Al-Tazkiah (P-ISSN: 2337-747X; E-ISSN: 2541-2663) a Journal of Islamic Guidance and Counseling, Published by the Department of Islamic Guidance and Counseling Faculty of Da'wa and Communication IAIN Mataram since 2012, can be regarded as the youngest academic journals and have broad enough coverage, because it deals directly with the problem of social life is long and the contemporary. Subjects in this study include textual studies and field research with the perspective and approach Historical, Normative, Sociological and Psychological. Al-Tazkiah published twice, in June and December.

Basically journal only a scientific study or Assembly Forum Discussion Lecturer (AFDL) for lecturers and professors at the Institute. However, as the era of reforms is growing and the demand for recognition is absolute, forcing academics, lecturers, and professors to attempt to give birth to their written work in the form of a scientific journal. Journal has succeeded in inviting scholars and researchers from outside the institute to contribute in developing science. As the implementation of three dharma college, Al-Tazkiah as the generation that came this past played a role in trying to accommodate the various studies that have been done scholars from various circles, especially experts in the field of Counseling and Psychology Islamic guidance in the form of a scientific journal. Indeed, scholars, academics, and researchers as a symbol of community progress of a society require a means to disseminate their work through scientific journals. Al-Tazkiah receives articles, both Indonesian, Arabic, and English as the international language of the world is also a place wide in the journal al-Tazkiah. Al-Tazkiah continued to publish research and textual studies related to social life with various dimensions and approaches.

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Al-Tazkiah Journal of Islamic Guidance and Counseling, State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Mataram
Jln. Pendidikan No. 35 Mataram NTB Telp. (0370) 621298, Fax. 625337


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